About 'Hare in the Moon.'


In some cultures, the Man in the Moon is interpreted as the 'Hare in the Moon.'  There are a number of different stories but my favourite is the one found in the Buddhist tradition -  telling the story of a monkey, an otter, a jackal, and a rabbit who decided to carry out good deeds on a full moon, believing this would earn a great reward.


When an old man appeared, begging for food, the monkey gathered fruits from the trees, the otter went fishing and the jackal found a lizard... 


But the poor rabbit, knowing only how to gather grass, offered himself by throwing himself into a fire the man had lit.  However, the rabbit was not burnt and the old man,  revealing his divine nature, was touched by the selfless rabbit's virtue and drew his smoky image on the Moon for all to see...


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'Hare in the Moon'

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    Printed on 310gsm Museum Heritage acid free paper using archival pigment inks which will not fade.

    Image size is 30x30 cm. 

    This is a limited edition print of 30; it will be  numbered, signed and come with a signed Certificate of Aunthenticity. 

    The original painting is sold. 

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