About 'Lovebirds'


Crows are devisive!  Love them or hate them, crows apparently never forget a face, know which humans are ok and which are defintiely not, are exellent parents and can use tools.  All in all, crows are taking over the world (probably.)


This painting, 'Lovebirds' was originally created as a Valentine's Day card, but has proved popular as a print too.  The black and red definitely make a striking statement.  Corvid lovers, this one is for you!


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  • You are buying a mounted print.

    Printed on 310gsm Museum Heritage acid free paper using archival pigment inks which will not fade.

    Image size is 20x20 cm. 

    Each Lovebirds print will be signed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

    The original painting Lovebirds is sold.